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Only SphenoCath Certified Training Center in the nation
Avg. 300+ ratings
Only ACR Designated Comprehensive Breast Imaging Center in Lincoln

Advanced Medical Imaging in Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska's choice for Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging

You have a choice where you receive radiology. For over 20 years, AMI has provided the best value and quality for the medical imaging in town.

Choose with confidence one of our sub-specialized radiologists that care about their patients like family.

For patients

Access to what you need

Our services

Our benefits:
Significantly lower costs
Weekend hours available
Accessible, central location
Subspecialized radiologists
Same-day results *restrictions apply
Appointments and walk-ins

Patient love

"Everyone I encounter at AMI is absolutely amazing! I have never felt as comfortable and cared for at any other medical facility as I have at AMI. Friendly and caring staff!”

Carissa, Patient
"Great experience. The staff was so fast, professional, and very accommodating."
Colleen, patient

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