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Mammo Club & Community

The mission of the AMI Mammo Club is to promote proactive breast health awareness by providing reminders for monthly self-exams and annual screenings. The club also acts as a community between those who are actively screening, fighting or living in remission.

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A drawing of a woman
Women's Center

Themed Mammo Parties

Mammo Parties are a great way to make sure the women in your life are getting their annual screenings while still having fun. There is no cost and we provide the décor and refreshments. You just bring the party.

Themed Mammo Parties
Our benefits:
Significantly lower costs
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Accessible, central location
Top quality radiologists
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Factors that can put women at a higher risk for breast cancer include:

Personal history of breast cancer, lobular carcinoma, or atypical hyperplasia

Close relative diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50

Heterogeneously dense or extremely dense breast tissue

Lifetime Breast Cancer Risk Score over 20%

Three or more family members in one lineage with any form of cancer

More than one cancer in a family member

Radiation treatment to the chest area between ages 10-30

BRCA, ATM, CHEK2, PALB2, TP53 or PTEN gene mutations

How To Join

To receive monthly gifts, members must have received a mammogram at AMI within the past 12 months. Anyone who is passionate about breast health is welcome to follow the AMI Mammo Club Facebook page.

Picking up your Gift

AMI has a Mammo Club kiosk located in the vestible of the AMI entrance. The touch screen is easy to operate- simply enter your Mammo Club email and your gift will dispense. *Note: You MUST provide an email to be a member of the club.
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